Bryant Nelson, Photographer copy

I cannot remember when I did not love taking photos. With a half-frame camera I had when I was in the US Army artillery serving as  the chief of the Fire Direction Center for  the First Squadron of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment during the War in Vietnam  --- to my present Nikon D750-- cameras suit me. I enjoy the technical aspect of using a camera, analyzing the results, and seeing the satisfaction on my clients' faces. 

Currently I am taking photos for our local monthly magazine in my community.  These photos include special events, such as weddings,  golf tournaments,  and feature portraits for cover stories used in Bear Creek Living magazine.

When I was a pharmaceutical salesman,  I traveled to many towns and saw many places in the United States, always with my camera by my side. 

Recently, I have taken photos of National Parks in the U.S., on trips to Europe, and of the Temecula Valley where I live.

I love taking portraits. To me, capturing a person's character is most important and satisfying.  To Contact me directly please telephone/text 760-845-9973.  

Glacier Point Vista at Sunset
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